Wall Hung Table Zebra
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Wall Hung Table - Zebra
Item #: ds042
Status: Available
Materials: Zebra, aluminum
Size: 34" wide x 18" high x 15" deep
Date Produced: 2006
Description: I made several of these wall hung tables. They were incredibly popular, I've probably sold over a dozen of them all over the world. They went out in zebra, lacewood, burnt ash, and though the top isn't flat...again it's a wavy easily holds a mug of coffee. I mention that, because despite their popularity, I still find this to be a common question. Even from people who love the touch and feel of the waves in the wood...they still wonder how "practical" it can be. I know it's practical, because I have one in my front hallway where it does proud service in a busy house. And it looks good while performing that task.
David Samplonius
80 Ward Street
Toronto, ON M6H 4A6
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