Wall Hung Table - Burnt Ash
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Wall Hung Table - Burnt Ash
Item #: ds034
Status: Available
Materials: Ash (burnt), aluminum
Size: 32" wide x 36" high x 11" deep
Date Produced: 2005
Description: Working with burnt ash requires each piece, particularly for something like this, to be burnt separately. Pieces built with burnt ash could not be glued together and then burned, as the joints would explode. Instead, I fashioned each section separately and then the top and bottom of the piece were mechanically fashioned...with one bolt. As a result of this design, these pieces could be called my "Ikea" moment...because shipping them as a complete unit was expensive. Instead I sold them with the two pieces separate and included a hex key. Shipping them was much easier and I still think of them fondly for their inherent extra dimension to their overall aesthetic that really appeals to me.
David Samplonius
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