Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #3
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Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #3
Item #: ds033
Status: Sold
Materials: Mahogany, cow hide, aluminum
Size: 20" wide x 44" high x 14" deep
Date Produced: 2004
Description: Unlike the Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #1 piece I made, this piece focused on a smoothly sanded wood surface, in order to contrast with the very tactile fur of the cow hide. It is more similar to the piece Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #2 I made. I believe that there is an important place for different textures, something I like to explore throughout my work, from cladding in metal, to furs and leathers, to wood — textured or sanded smooth. This piece was shown, and profiled, at a Chicago SOFA show, where it immediately sold.
David Samplonius
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