Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahgoany #2
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Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #2
Item #: ds027
Status: Sold
Materials: Mahogany, cowhide, aluminum
Size: 20" wide x 44" high x 14" deep
Date Produced: 2004
Description: This piece follows in a line of pieces like Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #3 and Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #2 that also follow on the shapes and lines started with the Hall Mules. With this piece I've combined the fur with smooth wood, added to that a tactile, "pond" shaped hollow in the top that can only be sensed in the pictures. The pictures can't touch on the response people have had to this piece, to its presence. The door in this piece swings open to reveal a deep cabinet, a hidden spot for something special or for nothing at all. The owner of this piece believes it simply holds possibility and memories and leaves it 'empty'. For it is a door that can reveal something different and special to each person who opens it. Perhaps for that reason, kids love it.
David Samplonius
80 Ward Street
Toronto, ON M6H 4A6
P 416.456.8935