Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #1
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Wall Hung Cabinet Mahogany #1 Detail
Wall Hung Cabinet - Mahogany #1
Item #: ds024
Status: Sold
Materials: Mahogany, leather, aluminum
Size: 20" wide x 64" high x 15" deep
Date Produced: 2003
Description: This piece continues my exploration of forms in wood. Though it is hard to see in the picture, the wood in this piece is actually not smooth, but textured. I wanted it to contrast with the leather of this piece, which is actually very smooth. And, though I spent years in school and in practice learning how to sand wood perfectly smooth, there is something tactile and interesting about wood that is textured. As anyone knows who has run their hand along the bark of various trees. This piece calls for that same touch.
David Samplonius
80 Ward Street
Toronto, ON M6H 4A6
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