Vase Stand - Zebra Wood
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Vase Stand - Zebra
Item #: ds043
Status: Sold
Materials: Zebra, aluminum
Size: 26" wide x 34" high x 9" deep
Date Produced: 2006
Description: At one of my shows, I happened to overhear two older women discussing, and ultimately dismissing, my hall stands and hall tables for their "wavy" tops. They satisfactorily concluded that no vase of flowers could happily sustain itself on my tables (coffee cups have done well for years...but you can't argue with some people about unbalanced flower vases). These vase stands were a direct response to that. Simply embed the vase in the stand...keep it simple...keep it functional. It worked well and went on to be a popular item. Particularly the grouping of vase tables I later created.
David Samplonius
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