Vase Stand - Burnt Ash #3
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Vase Stand - Burnt Ash #3
Item #: ds018
Status: Sold
Materials: Ash (burnt), aluminum
Size: 2'10" wide x 3'8" high x 1'2" deep
Date Produced: 2002
Description: This version of the vase stand encapsulates the core idea for function I was striving for with the vase stand series. Later ones, such as the Vase Stand - Zebra made use of "aluminum veining" that I really like. But I can't fault this stand for its simple rendering of the initial purpose of these stands. Largely because it clearly speaks to the question I have about certain 'vases' that have stepped over the line into pure art. Vases that are no longer purchased for the "function" of being a vase, but instead to occupy a place in your home that is distinct, separate from functional 'vases'. A vase that perhaps sits on a shelf and is simply admired. I believe that one day furniture will cross this divide and simply an object of art; without a question as to how or why or what it can 'do' for us actively, but rather what it does for us passively, simply by being. For now, I offer up vase stands as an alternative, a piece of functional art.
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