Vase Stand Black Aluminum
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Vase Stand - Burnt Ash #2
Item #: ds015
Status: Sold
Materials: Ash (burnt), aluminum
Size: 20" wide x 46" high x 14" deep
Date Produced: 2000
Description: This stand is the second of three vase stands I made, each an evolution of the one before. The first one I made (not pictured on this site) was truer to the essence of a table (see the Vase Tables - Aluminum for a later look at some of my hall tables and the different version of vase tables). In contrast, this piece devolved the earlier piece's faithfulness to a table and became something closer to two separate defined leaves. Unlike the later Vase Stand - Burnt Ash #3 these leaves still held on to a form that allowed for the carrying of items with their curved, almost cupped, shape.
David Samplonius
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