Rolling Drawer made out of Spanish Cedar
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Rolling Drawer - Spanish Cedar
Item #: ds0055
Status: Available
Materials: Spanish cedar, aluminum, rubber
Size: 6" wide x 5.5" high x 25" long
Date Produced: 2010
Description: The rolling drawer I made out of spanish cedar is a combination of a humidor, also made out of spanish cedar, and a feel for the simple, classic shape of a simpler car, even a soap-box racer. As a result, I left it plain with big disk wheels. There is no bolt pattern like I made with the wheels on the rolling drawer in douglas fir or rolling drawer in mahogany. Again, as with the other rolling drawers, the drawer pull is meant to evoke a bumper. In this case a classic curved simplified bumper.
David Samplonius
80 Ward Street
Toronto, ON M6H 4A6
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