Rolling Drawer made out of Mahogany
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Rolling Drawer - Mahogany
Item #: ds056
Status: Available
Materials: Mahogany, aluminum, rubber
Size: 6" wide x 4.75" high x 22" long
Date Produced: 2010
Description: This rolling drawer out of mahogany came from the idea or sense of a 70s muscle car. In particular, its wheels have this feel. Each of these wheels, and the wheels of each of these rolling drawers, is a day-long process for each wheel. From the hand-turning of the aluminum on the metal lathe, to the cutting and fitting of the rubber, and the re-turning for final finishing. But not only that, but each set of wheels is an individual process and is unique to each 'car' or rolling drawer. The wheels have to match the feel of the drawer, and must work with not only the form of the drawer itself, but also the pull for each drawer. Like with the rolling drawer in douglas fir each drawer has its own identity.
David Samplonius
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