Rolling Drawer Made out of Cherry
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Six Drawer Stand
Rolling Drawer - Cherry
Item #: ds057
Status: Available
Materials: Cherry, aluminum, rubber
Size: 6" wide x 4.75" high x 22" long
Date Produced: 2010
Description: 'Vehicles for Change', I consider my rolling drawers to not only evoke the history of cars, but also to provoke and challenge our perception or lack of perception of furniture as art. The drawer of each of my rolling drawers offers up the essence of my work and this idea. That you can have an object, a work of furniture, and it's only 'function' is one simple drawer. The rolling drawers take this idea one step further and are, simply and only, a drawer. They may have the feel or hint of an old racing car in their form, but yet they are not cars. People often ask, what is the drawer for? This is it. This is what they are for.
David Samplonius
80 Ward Street
Toronto, ON M6H 4A6
P 416.456.8935