Rolling Bowl in Walnut
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Detail of Rolling Bowl in Walnut
Rolling Bowl
Item #: ds054
Status: Available
Materials: Walnut, aluminum
Size: 8"w x 8"h x 12"l
Date Produced: 2009
Description: The bowl was a beginning for me, which ultimately led to the rolling drawers or "cars". I was looking to try my hand at something smaller and, at some level, I also wanted to make my version of "the bowl". I am not a wood turner (though I turn metal). So, the bowl is hand-carved. I made it out of a large block of Walnut wood, textured on the outside, but sanded smooth on the end grain in the inside, which is quite beautiful. I added wheels and a pull as a play on both the historical interest in farm carts, hay wagons and rides, and pull toys. And also because people simply love their vehicles.
David Samplonius
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