Hall Stand - Cherry
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Hall Stand - Cherry
Item #: ds013
Status: Available
Materials: Cherry, horsehide, aluminum
Size: 26" wide x 38" high x 16" deep
Date Produced: 2000
Description: This hall stand continues on a common theme in my work: the use of a continuous block of wood, where the grain is permitted to run vertically through the piece, and then the 'end' is made up of blocks of wood. I see this as mimicking the growth rings of a tree, and I certainly did not attempt to minimize the lines between the blocks. If you look closely at this picture you can see the grain running within each block, and the lines between. The unusual thing about this piece was the use of an elliptical drawer. To create this I had to hand carve the drawer, and then had to have cast the a custom pull and drawer ring in aluminum.
David Samplonius
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