Hall Mule - Walnut
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Hall Mule - Walnut
Item #: ds045
Status: Sold
Materials: Walnut, aluminum
Size: 42" wide x 18" high x 15" deep
Date Produced: 2006
Description:When I first started making the hall mules back in 2003, the tops were incredibly wavy. At the time, I was experimenting with shaped woods and the forms of the pieces. This piece is part of a much later group. Maybe a more "refined" group. The later pieces I made had a much smoother, gentler curve to the top. The curve or wave was still there...but subtler. I felt that this change made the wood even more inviting than the aggressive waves...people love to touch this new form. This piece, in particular, I sold to a woman in Florida and its aluminum drawer front was a powder-coated blue.
David Samplonius
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