Hall Mule - Spanish Cedar
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Hall Mule - Spanish Cedar
Item #: ds023
Status: Sold
Materials: Spanish cedar, cow hide, aluminum
Size: 45" wide x 24" high x 16" deep
Date Produced: 2003
Description: This is one of the earlier hall mules I made. The title 'hall mule' came from even earlier work I completed in the 90s, where I initially created blanket boxes and then fixed top 'mules'. The curved shape of the forms and the use of horse hide gave the essence of the smooth flank of a horse, and the term 'mule' was given to it, affectionately. This hall mule was given two drawers, creating an interior challenge, as the drawers needed to be angled to accommodate the shape. As a result, I hand-carved the drawers, each carved separately out of a large block of wood and then separately attached to the drawer face.
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