Corner Stand - Aluminum
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Corner Stand Aluminum Detail
Corner Stand - Aluminum
Item #: ds039
Status: Sold
Materials: Aluminum, horse hide, cherry
Size: 20" wide x 62" high x 18" deep
Date Produced: 2005
Description: I made four of these. Two reside in Chicago. One in Beunos Aires, it was sent as a gift for someone. And another is in Ottawa, Canada. I sold the first three in less than three months. The unique thing about these pieces is the size. The casting was really quite difficult, and was done in four sections and then pinned together. At five feet tall it is also the biggest thing I have ever cast. It is better seen in the large photo, but the "toes" of the piece of rubber "talons" which not only provide the function of gripping the floor they are placed on, but aping the feel of a clawed foot, a regular motif in my work.
David Samplonius
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